First Annual Day Celebration at GUPS Padla Handliya 2020 – My School

First time in our school history, the Annual day is celebrated on February 20, 2020. Annual Day kind of concept is often related to private schools. But Today we have celebrated the Annual Day in a Govt School which is located at a very remote place in Dungarpur, Rajasthan District called Padla Handliya. Yes, the very village where I was born and brought up.

The school is also the same where I have studied till 8th Class. I was graduated from here in 2008 and moved to another school for higher classes. 

Things are changed, very changed. When I was studying in this school, we used to celebrate 26th Jan and 15th August only. This annual day kind of concept was very alien to us. 

As I grown up, attended college for graduation, I learned many things. I always wondered why the Govt schools do not celebrate these kinds of days.

But yesterday, When I was reached by a teacher from my school days, she told me that they are going to celebrate the annual day at our very own school in the village for the first time.

I was just like. wow. Awesome.

She came with an invitation to invite me on the Annual Day.

After this event, my mind is like “APNA TIME AA GYA”. Finally, the day has come for the Govt school too that they are now celebrating all the things that used to celebrate by private schools and colleges.

The chief guest at the event was Mr. Narendra Bhatt, the Principal of Govt Senior Secondary School Thakarda.

Also, there were some other important personalities from the PEO area schools. It was a great event with multiple speeches and dances from students.

Thanks to the School Staff of GUPS Padla Handliya

A very big thanks to the school staff who managed to organize such a successful event within budget constraints. Also, it was the first-ever annual day function at my school since the school has been established.

Also, thanks to those students who prepared such beautiful dance and singing performances to entertain us. Thanks to the efforts of the school team also.

Here are some glimpses from the event

Annual Day GUPS Padla
Annual Day GUPS Padla Handliya


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