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Hitendra Rathore
Hitendra Rathore

On the homepage, I have already told you about how I do things at present. but you know people always have a keen interest in someone’s past..! (Laughing)

Let me take you in my past, So once upon a time… kidding folks. There were no interesting stories at all. So let me keep it simple.

Like everybody else in India, I went to school and after that graduate college. and that’s how I completed my education.

Okay, I studied computer science and engineering from Jaipur. Graduated in the year 2016 with “acche khase marks“.

After college, I have joined a proprietary firm in Ahmedabad where I learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

To date, I have handled technical SEO for more than 3 companies. While doing SEO for the clients, somehow I introduced myself to WordPress.

I develop websites using WordPress. Also, I am a regular contributor to the WordPress open source project in Translation & Marketing area.

That’s all about me.

SEOMasti – A Blog where I go wild

After long hours of SEO work, I love kicking back at SEOMasti – it’s where I go to let loose and have a blast. If you’re up for some chill time and fun after your SEO grind, join me over at SEOMasti!

Want to connect with me personally?

Your welcome. You can get me on Twitter anytime.

I would love to discuss anything. Especially about Jñāna yoga and WordPress.

Not on Twitter?

No worries. Simply fill out the contact form, my personal email is attached to it. So, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or simply email me at me@hitendra.co.

I wish to create a local WordPress community in Dungarpur (Rajasthan). If you are interested please contact me. thanks.

Are you a recruiter? Looking for my resume/CV. Here’s my CV.