WordPress Origin Story

I remember it all started with WordPress when I was handling the SEO project for a client in 2016. He gave me his wp-admin details and said make changes on the website as per your requirements using these credentials.

I was just stunned because I have never seen WordPress dashboard before this happened, totally confused. and decided to take the help of a WordPress web designer.

but after struggling I found a way to learn WordPress and tried to make some changes on my own. and yeah it worked. the interface was so easy that only in a month I have understood the most of WordPress.

Now here comes the turning point

I was thinking that how much complex it can be to develop a website using WordPress? oh, I forget to tell you that I am an over-curious person.

So, I have just taken a leave immediately from the office telling that I am sick and immediately gone home and started to fire queries on Google that how to develop a website using WordPress. and yes I got the answer and studied some blogs in depth about setting up WordPress on localhost and many more things.

Due to my over-curiosity, I just started to learn all the things on my own and gradually WordPress also compromised with me.

I love when I got logged in and see the message on Dashboard “Howdy, Hitendra”. You can say in only 3 months from my first interaction with WordPress, we both started to communicate with each other.

The great thing about WordPress

The first thing is the WordPress community, I love being around the WordPress community. whether its Local meetups or WordCamps. I never miss them.

The second great thing is WordPress never bothered me. WordPress always helped me. and yeah it’s still helping me. Now the friendship has begun with WordPress, it was time to fall in love with WordPress.

One day I was just thinking that now I should make a live website using WordPress but the question was What would be the site about? and as always WordPress said start your blog with me. So my first website was a News portal including a blog post, about my City Dungarpur.

Now I usually sleep clicking the Logout button of WP-ADMIN and my day starts with Howdy, Hitendra.

Currently, I am learning more about WordPress core and how can I contribute to making it more secure and user-friendly.