Welcome, friend. I am Hitendra Rathore.

I am Hitendra Singh Rathore, a passionate WordPress Enthusiast, and Technical SEO learner. You are here, means you must want to know more about me and my life.

Honestly, there is nothing interesting about my life. I just do whatever I feel positive about. You may find me doing homework for little kids, or watching airplanes from the fields. I am uncertain, So I try my best to live in the moment. that’s all I am.

What do I write here?

You may wonder why this blog or what do I write here? Again nothing specific. Anything that inspires me, I just write about it.

I try to write the things, that come across in my daily life. Whether its about spirituality, Karmayoga, technical things or about a paper plan.

So it would not be surprising if you find some really silly things or a lifelong lesson here on my blog.

My thoughts